Calming Sensor LED Lamp

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The Lamp Guaranteed To Keep You Cool, Calm, And Collected

Tired and stressed out? We finally have a way you can relax and get into a more soothing and calm state in just minutes. Introducing the lamp that keeps you cool, calm and collected always.

Easy to set-up in literally just minutes. Simply hook it up or install 4 AA batteries inside of it and you're all set. Ready to relax and unwind in 5 minutes or less.

Fully immerses you with ocean view projections that are soothing and relaxing. Projects with various different wave colors and allows your brain to relax and get into a theta state for deep calmness and meditation.

Made with a sound feature that plays peaceful music while you're trying to relax. Getting you into a fully relaxed state much faster and deepens your focus and awareness. 

We can't tell you just how amazing this lamp is, you will have to experience for yourself just like all of our hundreds of repeat customers. With the Zen Lamp, we truly aim to offer you not just good quality service but also a deep, soothing and stress-free experience you truly been waiting for.


Relieves Stress & Anxiety- Allowing you to be cool, calm and collective within just a few minutes. Ultimately improving your overall mental health and decreasing fluctuation in blood pressure due to stress.

Easy To Set-up- In no time at all. Simply plug it into the wall or pop 4 AA batteries into it and you're good to go.

Full Immersion- Into a fully relaxed state and atmosphere. Allowing you to unwind from even the most stressful days and be able to become calm and peaceful.