USB Anti Theft Charging Laptop Backpack

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Keep Your Belongings Safe & Protected 

Finally, A much more easier and safer way to travel and keep your personal belongings safe. Whether you're traveling, Commuting to work, Or even just out and about this Anti-Theft bag allows your stuff to stay safe and secure at all times.

Lockable pockets, Card slots for maximum support and safety to ensure all of your items stay locked away and safe at all times

Hidden zipper pockets and card slots so you can fit small items such as wallets, Jewelry, or phones inside of the pockets keeping them stowed away. Giving you more easy and convenient access to get to them and keeping in disguise making it harder for thieves to get to.

Water resistant materials built inside of it so you can face any weather conditions and still have your stuff in tact and dry at all times. Multiple storage composites that gives you more room to place more stuff and making it easier for travel. 

Equipped with a charging port so that you can keep your phone charged without ever having to stop and find another power source.


Convenient - Easy Access to all of your items with our hidden compartments on the shoulder and on the front of the bag. Making it easier for you to get a hold of your most important items without searching your bag for hours and hours. Travel friendly and makes for a great gift.

Multi-Functional - Not only you can travel safe with this bag. You can enjoy the outdoors, Go to work in peace, Or even as a fashion statement!. There's no limit to what you can do with this bag.

Optimal Storage - Makes packing a breeze!! and alot simpler with multiple storage units you can fit many things such as laptops, Kindles, and camera equipment with ease.